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Hi there !

I'm Lau, I live in France and since I was a child, I've always been passionate about fortune-telling cards : Tarot, Lenormand, gypsy oracles...


I used to gaze into these little pieces of paper for hours, inventing stories based on the enigmatic illustrations laid down on the table in front of me.

While I grew up, I expanded my spiritual knowledge by taking Tarot and astrology classes as self-discovery tools, and it was a real life game-changer.

In order to embrace the connection I have with Tarot, I decided to design my own deck with my personal interpretation of the cards, using digital collage techniques.

The Ex Animo Tarot was born during the lockdown, and with it, a deep love for mystical and surrealist collages.

My inspiration comes from many different sources, from spirituality and witchcraft, to mythology, folklore and poetry.

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