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The Story

While the world was on lockdown, I had to keep myself busy in order not to lose my mind, worrying about all that COVID-crap.


I felt the need to do something artistic, and as a Tarot junkie, I thought it would be awesome to create my own deck!

But I was soon limited by my poor drawing skills and decided to try digital collages instead, thinking "Hey girl, that's something you can ACTUALLY do! "


I fell in love with this technique and managed to design and print a prototype deck of 22 majors arcanas.

I've since gone further in the world of oracles by having reinterpreted the famous Lenormand deck.


So as the Fool, I'm now taking a leap of faith, sharing with you the result of this creative journey and offering you the opportunity to get your own copy of the Ex Animo Tarot and the Alternative Lenormand decks !


Hope you will enjoy them !

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The Ex Animo Tarot Deck


The Ex Animo Tarot is a Major Arcana Only indie deck.


"Ex Animo" means "From the heart" in latin, and that's exactly what it is : a personal and inspired re-interpretation of the Fool's journey through digital collage. 

The 22-card deck is available for order in 2 versions :

- French + Tarot de Marseille structure (Justice 8, Strength 11)

- English + Rider Waite Smith structure (Strength 8, Justice 11)

You want to sell the Ex Animo Tarot in your shop ? Contact me and let's chat at !

The Alternative Lenormand deck


The Alternative Lenormand offers a twist on the popular divination game.

It was created in October 2020 as part of an "inktober" challenge, with the creation of one card per day.


Lenormand in a nutshell :

The "Petit" Lenormand is a deck of 36 poker sized cards associated - wrongly - with a famous 18-19th century french fortune-teller, Miss Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand.

The deck is derivated from a german playing cards game and uses simple images as universal symbols with straight-forward meanings.

The more common spread is a line of 3, 5, 7 cards... The more cards you draw, the more details you get.

Its simplicity makes it a wonderful go-to deck and companion to The Ex Animo Tarot for getting insights on your everyday life and dealing with more earth-to-earth matters !

You want to sell the Alternative Lenormand in your shop ? Contact me and let's chat at !

Where to find the decks ?


My Etsy Shop (France + Worldwide)

Intertarot (South Korea)



Happy Sisyphe

20 Place Carnot

69002 LYON



The Lady In The Moon

15 Monument Square

ME 04101


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